Black History Studies


Black Londoners: The History of Black People in London before 1948

starting Wednesday 8th August 2018



This fascinating course of 5 lectures will focus on the contributions made by people of African and Caribbean descent to London in the areas of Literature, Politics, Music, Sports, Entertainment, Royalty and Health before 1948.

This course is important as this area of study has been seriously neglected and will provide the students with the knowledge of the invaluable input people of African and Caribbean descent have provided to London, from the 16th century to 1948.

Clearly there is a need for this sort of information.

After all: Can YOU name 10 people of African and Caribbean descent who have contributed to the history of London before 1948 in the areas of Literature, Politics, Music, Sports, Entertainment, Royalty and Health?

Course Content:

Week 1: Literature
Week 2: Politics
Week 3: Music
Week 4: Sport & Entertainment
Week 5: Royalty & Health

This is an introductory course and does not assume any previous study or reading. Handouts of each lesson and a reading list will be provided. The course will be taught through illustrated lectures and discussion. 

Course Information:

Duration: Every Wednesday for 5 weeks
Start Date: Wednesday 8th August 2018
End Date: Wednesday 12th September 2018
Time: 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London, SW1V 3AT. 3 minutes walk from Pimlico Tube Station (Victoria Line).
Course Fee: 

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Here are some comments from evaluations forms completed by past students:

“Very good course, the research was outstanding. This is certainly given me food for thought and I will be conducting my own research into all those who we have learnt about.”

“Oral, visual and musical with handouts. What more could you ask for?”

“I enjoyed the variety of the course and learning about pioneering Black people in Literature, Music, Politics and Health. There were a number of “Black firsts” that paved the way for us.”

“Excellent course of excellent value! I really enjoyed learning. This has ignited a new passion to learn in me.”

“The way the course served as an introduction to the numerous interesting historical figures and provided references to assist with individual research. Also, there was good opportunity for class discussion.”

“I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to know more about our history in London. They will find our history everywhere in London and will be reminded of how much Black people have achieved in difficult times.”

“I enjoyed the fact that Black people contributed so much to London, not just post-Windrush but also as far back as the 17th century.”

“A definite eye opener. It was all interesting and mind blowing”

“I have learnt a lot about the History of Black Londoners before 1948 which has been very interesting and informative.”


Places on these courses are limited.

Places are available on a strictly first come, first served basis and we anticipate that there will be a lot of demand for this course.

If you would like to attend this course, please contact us for an enrolment form.





Know your roots. Know your ancestors. Know the truth. Know your heritage. Know your history. Know thyself!

“If we as a people realized the greatness from which we came, we would be less likely to disrespect ourselves” — Marcus Mosiah Garvey

“A nation without great women is a nation frolicking in peril. Let us go forward and lift the degradations which rest on the Negro woman – God’s most glorious gift to all civilizations.” – Amy Ashwood Garvey

“This produced copious perspiration, so that the air soon became unfit for respiration, from a variety of loathsome smells, and brought on a sickness among the slaves, of which many died, thus falling victims to the improvident avarice, as I may call it, of their purchasers. This wretched situation was again aggravated by the galling of the chains, now become insupportable; and the filth of the necessary tubs, into which the children often fell, and were almost suffocated. The shrieks of the women, and the groans of the dying, rendered the whole a scene of horror almost inconceivable.” – Oluadah Equiano on the Middle Passage

“Europe stretches out her hands on every side to squeeze the darker races to her advantage, because she knows the people of Africa and the people of Asia to be divided. Her aim has been to promote division. It therefore behoves you, men of Asia, men of Africa, to join yourselves in one common bond of lasting friendship.” – Dusé Mohammed Ali

“In Africa, the poor wretched natives – blessed with the most fertile and luxuriant soil – are rendered so much the more miserable for what Providence meant as a blessing: – the Christians’ abominable traffic for slaves – and the horrid cruelty and treachery of the petty Kings – encouraged by their Christian customers – who carry them strong liquors – to enflame their national madness – and powder – and bad fire-arms – to furnish them with the hellish means of killing and kidnapping” – Ignatius Sancho

“All sympathy consistent with acknowledged virtue is but disguised selfishness” – Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

“Armed with the knowledge of our past, we can with confidence charter a course for our future. Culture is an indispensable weapon in the freedom struggle. We must take hold of it an forge the future with the past” – Omowale Malcolm X

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