You are currently viewing FREE Webinar: Too Black to Succeed – The FINSAC Experience by Valerie Dixon

FREE Webinar: Too Black to Succeed – The FINSAC Experience by Valerie Dixon

Date: June 25, 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Online
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FREE Webinar: Too Black to Succeed – The FINSAC Experience

Author, educator and entrepreneur, Mrs. Valerie Dixon has launched her thought-provoking book- “Too Black to Succeed – The FINSAC Experience”. She describes it as “a book exposing uncomfortable but necessary truths.” She aims to engage Jamaicans at home and across the global Diaspora, who she feels need to be more conscious of the important socio-economic factors of the past and present, which are determining the quality and standard of their lives and future. She hopes readers will understand why most black people are so earnest in their quest for equality, equal rights and justice.

The book gives a personal account of the author’s experience of the negative impact of the Financial Meltdown called ‘FINSAC’ on herself and many Jamaican entrepreneurs. She traces the historic, cultural and systemic marginalization, discrimination and struggles that have thwarted and frustrated the progress of black people since Slavery.

The book opens the way for healthy discussion and analysis, from the perspective of a committed citizen, educator and entrepreneur.
This book is a must-read for all who want Black people world-wide to transcend the injustices of the past and present times.

About the speaker:

Mrs. Valerie Dixon is a trained Business Education teacher with many years experience, teaching CXC (O Level) and CAPE (A Level) pre-university subjects. She also teaches at the tertiary level and is certified by the University of Melbourne, in Australia, in the Use of the Language and Tools of Financial Analysis.

She is deeply involved in Community Development and Community Tourism. She is passionate about the Jamaican culture and its untold History. Mrs. Dixon is responsible for unearthing the legacy of Marcus Garvey in Resource, Manchester and has honed it into the Marcus Garvey Fair, which is now an annual event to commemorate Black History month in February. She is the first recipient of the UNIA’s Marcus Garvey Award for the Arts and is the elected Lady President of the UNIA-ACL Division 454/1.

She is currently a Director and Company Secretary of the family business for over thirty years and is a former Director on the National Board of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).

Her book ‘Too Black to Succeed – The FINSAC Experience’ will be available for purchase at the event.



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