BHS Fundraising Single

Please take 5 minutes of your time to read this very important message in full, from Black History Studies.

We hope that after reading this message, you will see our vision and invest into the legacy and the history that we intend to create.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have already downloaded our brand new 10th Anniversary Celebrations song called ‘Black History Studies’ by me Culture Mark, aka Mark Simpson. The good news is, the song is now available to download from all formats (i.e. iTunes, Amazon etc.), which means you can download direct to your mobile phone, iPad etc.

The official website where you can go to download the song is From this website you are able to download the song direct to your desktop computer. If you want the song to be on your phone or other devices, just use the link that is on the home page of the website to download the song direct to your device.

The main reason this song was created for Black History Studies, is to celebrate 10 years of our existence, but also to raise funds for a very worthy cause, which is, for us to obtain our own building, which means that we will be able to continue the work that we do, without having to rely on, or hire from others to do so as highlighted in Brother Tony Warner of Black History Walk’s recent newsletter. This also means that the funds that we generate from operating from our own place will go towards serving our community, in order to create a self-sufficient platform that is totally independent. This is all part of what we call GROUP ECONOMICS.

We at Black History Studies do understand that this is a mammoth task, but we also believe that it is a task that can easily be achieved with ‘YOUR’ help. Providing everyone adheres to the following 3 simple steps, our vision of a place of our own, a place for our community can easily and quickly be achieved.

The 3 simple steps are as follows:

1. Please go to the website and download the song titled ‘Black History Studies’ by Culture Mark

2. When you have downloaded the song, please send this link to at least 10 people you know, who will download the song and support the vision

3. When you send the website link to 10 or more people, please send it with the following short message:

Black History Studies needs your help to achieve their goal, which is obtaining their own space, which will also benefit the community. 99p and 2 minutes of your time is all we ask from you to help Black History Studies achieve this vision. So please download the song titled ‘Black History Studies’ and then send this link plus this message to at least 10 people, who you know will download the song and support our vision and then ask them to send the link and this message to 10 or more people, who will in turn do the same and so on)

And it’s as simple as that!!!

If the above 3 simple steps are followed by everyone who receives these instructions, our vision for a place of our own can easily be achieved and very quickly too.

All we ask is that you donate 99p by downloading the song and pass on this email in full or the message at step number 3 to at least 10 people. For your 99p you will not only receive a great song, (if I have to say so myself) but you will also be investing in the legacy of Black History Studies and future of the next generations to come.


If the worst comes to the worst, what do you really have to lose, just 99p and 2 minutes of your time, but as part of a collective what you have to gain will be life changing, not just for this generation, but we envisage for many generations to come.

WE AT Black History Studies intend to make it work, but it cannot be achieved without you. So please do not hesitate, be a part of the history, be a part of the legacy, be a part of the change and donate now by downloading the song.

When you have purchased the song, if you are not on our mailing list, please send us an email and request to be added to our mailing list, in order for you to receive regular updates about this campaign and also additional information about what’s happening at Black History Studies.

For all the people who have been inspired by this message and are following the above 3 simple steps, a big advanced thank you from Black History Studies.