Advanced Black Studies

Introduction to the Study of Black History, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Politics, Production and Religion

The Advanced Black Studies Course is a 30 week course that analyses all the major areas of the Black Experience – the History, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Politics, Production and Religion. All of the information is selected to be of relevance and interest to the Black Community. The information itself is designed to inspire, challenge, and to provoke serious thought. 

The course is aimed at those who have attended the full 30 week Beginners Black Studies course and are interested in learning in depth about Black Studies. The course builds on the Beginners course with an emphasis on preparing the student to be able to teach Black Studies.

Please note that you must have completed the full 30 week Introduction to Black Studies Beginners course before you can enrol on this course.

The format of this course will be a series of lectures with practical sessions to enable students to gain hands on training in the subject of Black Studies. Reading of the assigned material is essential to achieving success in this course.

Listen to our video testimonals from some of our students who completed the Advanced course in 2010.

Course Information:

Details coming soon!

The course is divided into three 10 week terms consisting of the following lectures:


Class 1: Review of Ancient and Mediaeval African History
Class 2: The Legacy of Cheikh Anta Diop and the Dismal State of Current Black Scholarship
Class 3: Black Women in Ancient and Mediaeval Africa 
Class 4: Africa and the Origins of Greek Philosophy 
Class 5: The Moors in Spain 
Class 6: The Ancient Ghanaian Empire 
Class 7: Life in the Mali Empire 
Class 8: Anatomy of the Songhai Empire 
Class 9: Ancient and Mediaeval History of Nigeria 
Class 10: The Ashanti Empire and the “Slave Trade” 
Class 11: History of Black People in Britain before 1948 
Class 12: How to teach Black History in Schools 



Class 13: Black Urban Problems that refuse to go away 
Class 14: Confronting the Black family crisis with solutions 



Class 15: Black Skins, White Masks and the research of Franz Fanon 
Class 16: Effective Psychotherapy in the Black Community 



Class 17: Black Economics: The Challenge of Making Money
Class 18: The Subira Model for Making “Big Money”
Class 19: The Subira-Kiyosaki Model for Making Money



Class 20: Black Organisational Structures: Strengths and Weaknesses
Class 21: A Plan for the Political Future of Black Britain 
Class 22: The Independence Period and the challenges faced by Modern African States 
Class 23: The Political Vision of Kwame Nkrumah – The Plan for Africa



Class 24: Overview of Black Literature
Class 25: West African contributions to Science and Technology
Class 26: East African contributions to Science and Technology
Class 27: Ancient and Mediaeval African Architecture 



Class 28: Akhenaten versus Shaka (Part I): The Struggle for the Future of Black religion 
Class 29: Akhenaten versus Shaka (Part II): The Struggle for the Future of Black religion



Class 30: What possibilities are there to make changes and have an impact on wider society?

The Advanced Course is open to those who have completed the Beginners Black Studies class.

Here is some of the comments from the evaluation form completed by past students:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Home cooked dinners. All my needs were met. Felt like a family experience.”

“The experience was good because I got to go further in depth into the topics we covered in the beginners course” 

“The content of the course went over and beyond my expectations.”

Places on this course are limited. Places are available on a strictly first come first served basis and we anticipate that there will be a lot of demand for this course. If you would like to attend this course, please contact us for an enrolment form.