Great Black Women in History Course

Starting Sunday 13 March 2022 – Sunday 17 April 2022

This informative and inspirational course explores the lives, work and legacy of remarkable Black Women who distinguished themselves in their time and shaped the course of culture and history. The invisibility of Black women in history is linked to the fact that some historians felt that Black women’s issues did not merit inclusion and their contributions were ignored. It is important to recognise that the study of Black Women’s History makes for a much more inclusive, richer, fuller and more importantly, truthful account of World History.

This course uncovers the biography and achievements of great women from Ancient and Medieval Africa, through the transatlantic enslavement period, right up to the present.

This is an introductory course and assumes no prior knowledge of the subject area, but the adult student is taken through an avalanche of information. Reading lists are provided. There are no entry requirements for this course and learners will not have to take any exams.

Using a lecture-discussion format, the course will run for six weeks, one lecture per week on Sunday evening from 18:00 GMT to 20:00 GMT (13:00 EST, 12:00 CST, 10:00 PT) via Zoom Webinar.

The course costs £180 per person.


Week 1: The African Mother Goddesses and the Birth of Civilisation
Week 2: Women in Ancient Kemet: Biography of the Queens and Women’s Rights
Week 3: The Queens of Ancient Ethiopia
Week 4: The Queens and Great Women of Medieval Africa
Week 5: Black Women in Resistance to Enslavement
Week 6:  Black Women in Britain: Uncovering the hidden herstories

Spaces are limited.


The course fee for the whole 6 weeks course is £180 per person

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Here are some comments from evaluations forms completed by past students: 

“As always, this class offers an oasis for those seeking inspiration and knowledge about Black History. This course was extremely engaging as these are a few historical sources that focus on a panoramic view of African Women’s History.” 

“There is a need for a course studying Black Women and I didn’t know all of the women on the course. However, it has been an inspirational, uplifting and has made me stronger in the fight for the liberation of our people.”  

“Very good, course, I learnt so much. Good that you are giving Black women a platform.”

“I learnt about Black woman’s contribution to Black struggles and freedom. The course was easy to follow and well presented.”

“I haven’t heard of most of the people on the course but I am more knowledgeable now. I look forward to receiving information on more course to equip me in my knowledge of Black History. This has been a good starting point.”

“This has been my first formal entry into Black History. It has been an exceptional informative and inspiring course which served to simulate further interest- excellent.”

“As a beginner in the study of Black History, I found this course very enlightening. The course has made me aware of how much of our history has been hidden and excluded from the National School Curriculum. This course will be a springboard for me to go on to study further.”