African Holocaust (Maangamizi): The History & Legacy of African Enslavement

Starting Sunday 12 June 2022 – Sunday 10 July 2022

The enslavement of African people and its accompanying violence and destruction was one of the catastrophic events in the history of humankind.

In this informative five week course we will study the history and legacy of the enslavement of African people through our Maangamizi. The word “Maangamizi” is a Swahili term which speaks to the intentionality of the African holocaust of chattel, colonial and neo-colonial enslavement.

In this course, we will examine the history of Africa before and after enslavement, the impact of enslavement on African people and societies, the African abolition struggles and resistance movements, and the legacy of the enslavement period on Africa and the Diaspora. We will also examine the movement for reparations for historical injustices. 

This is an introductory course and does not assume any previous study or reading. Handouts of each lesson and a reading list will be provided. The course will be taught through illustrated lectures and discussions.

Using a lecture-discussion format, the course will run for five weeks, one lecture per week on Sunday evening from 18:00 GMT to 20:00 GMT (13:00 EST, 12:00 CST, 10:00 PT) via Zoom Webinar.

The course costs £150 per person.

Course Content:

Week 1: West Africa Before the Enslavement and Domestic Enslavement 
Week 2: The Enslavement of Africans: Impact on Three Continents 
Week 3: African Abolition Struggles and Resistance Movements 
Week 4: Africa after Enslavement, Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism 
Week 5: Legacy of Enslavement, Reparations and Historical Injustice


The course fee for the whole 5 weeks course is £150 per person.


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Here are some comments from evaluations forms completed by past students who completed the African Holocaust (Maangamizi): The History & Legacy of African Enslavement Course: 

“Excellent notes and films/documentaries. My eyes are truly opened. Loved the discussions. You are doing a great job – keep going!!”

“As a short course, it was good and has provided me with foundations to begin my own personal study”

“Gaining knowledge on my history. Learnt so much and will be continuing my studies. The Lecturer was very knowledgeable on the topic.”

“Excellent. I came into an environment that was relaxing and comfortable which enabled me to learn and gain knowledge” 

“Black History Studies opened my eyes where before they had been shut. Many things discussed put a completely new light on the history I had been taught in school and put into context with the ‘European’ version I had been exposed to.”