12.15pm – North London Premiere: Heavy is the Crown Vol 1 (2022) by Amadeuz Christ

Heavy is the Crown (2022) explores the African origins of the world’s major religions by examining the “original mythological stories” that have served not only as the basis for spiritual systems across the planet, but for many of the foundational concepts of “western civilization” itself. In addition to bringing to life the story of the Ausarian Drama, this first volume of Heavy is the Crown details how the original spiritual traditions of Ancient Kemet, most particularly the “Judgement Scene” found in the Book of the Coming Forth by Day, have laid the foundation for modern-day western religion. Starring Tony Browder, Kaba Kamene, David Banner, and Prof. James Small.

12.30pm – 2.00pm – Children Workshop: ‘Moneybox Marvels’

Empower young people with essential financial knowledge and skills while engaging their creativity by decorating moneyboxes. Participants will learn the importance of saving and setting financial goals.

2.30pm – Presentation: ‘8000 Years of History in One Scroll’ with Paul Obinna

Brother Paul Obinna will present over 8000 years of history from his magnificent TimeLine scroll. The new and updated TimeLine scroll will be launched and will be on sale at the event.

The Lineage Timeline condenses over 20 years of Paul Obinna’s research into a single scroll dedicated to your historical and cultural education. Open yourself to a more in-depth understanding of how African cultures echo across the globe, and participate in Timeline’s “whole-brain” approach to learning. – TAKE A JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY: A deeper understanding of identity, race, and culture aids your personal and professional development.

4.00pm – North London Premiere: Barrel Children: The Families Windrush Left Behind’ (2023)

A stellar debut film from award-winning journalist Nadine White, Barrel Children: The Families Windrush Left Behind peels back the layered tales of Caribbean youngsters who grew up away from their parents before migrating to join them in Britain. The story of Windrush has come into painfully sharp focus in recent years but what is less well-known is the story of the children of these pioneers whose parents left to rebuild Britain and they only knew of through the ‘barrel’ care packages sent back. These are the children’s stories of reconciliation and rediscovery within a new world that made little sense to them.

5.30pm – Race Today: The Untold Story of Black Britain’s Political Journal (2021) by Wayne Saunders 

‘Race Today’ tells the untold story of Black Britain’s political journal, featuring the members behind it. Produced by Wayne G Saunders, a filmmaker who was born at when the Race Today journal was establishing itself as a serious political voice in the black community. The film features heroes such as the late Darcus Howe, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Farrukh Dhondy, Leila Hassan, Jean Ambrose and many more who speak candidly about their lives and what the future looks like for the youth of today.

7.00pm – North London Premiere: After the Flood: The Church, Slavery and Reconciliation (2022)

This new feature documentary shows how the 18th century Church became embroiled in chattel slavery. We discover how the Church justified its involvement in the trade and it’s lasting impact. The film then explores what this means for Christian reconciliation today.

Why After the Flood? The documentary aims to be educational and redemptive, and addresses the historical neglect of slavery in British Christian history. It looks at biblical principles for racial reconciliation in our churches today. This is a pre-requisite for British churches to confront slavery, and necessary to overturn injustices resulting from its legacy.

The Movement for Justice and Reconciliation believes that the church must confront racism in all its forms in the Christian community. This requires understanding the roots of its complicity. It also requires showing the route to reconciliation, first for ourselves and, then, for others.