Race And Representation In The Media and On Tell-Lie-Vision!

Part 2

Dr Lez Henry

The second part of this 3 part 5 week course taught by Dr William ‘Lez’ Henry continues to explore the notions of race and representation by evaluating their key roles in the construction of identity in contemporary British society. These roles will be examined via an interdisciplinary approach that will focus on social theory, history, music, fashion, advertising and various types of mass media as sites for the production of particular forms of gendered and racialised difference.

We will take a critical approach to identity and racial representation, using our personal knowledge and experiences as the starting point. As before the sessions will be highly interactive and feature group based discussions, but with more emphasis on individual contributions in the form of short presentations from those who wish to do so.

The course is for those who have undertaken Part 1 of this course and we will thus jump straight in at the deep-end, as we seek to increase our understanding of how our ideas, of self and other, are influenced in ways that are designed to divide and rule us all, based on race, class and gender etc.

Learning outcomes / objectives:-

1. Students will have grasped and understood the strengths and weaknesses of the theoretical approaches used in social theory to interpret meaningful human behaviour.

2. Students will have developed their analytical skills and will thus be in a position to critically assess what is at stake in an interpretation of social life.

3. Students will be able to link various forms of knowledge and thus widen their appreciation, in a practical sense, of inclusion and exclusion based on the history and politics behind racial discrimination.

Key themes:-

  • Racialisation as process and practice 
  • Western-eyes-ation as psychological warfare

Essential Readings:

Will be provided for each session and will cover:

  • The construction of social, cultural and political identities as aspects of a racialisation process.
  • How racialisation as white supremacist thought and action impacts on our sense of identity.
  • An Africentric approach to understanding, resisting and transcending Western-eyes-ation.

Course Content

  • Session 1: Racialisation in the “Nigrescence model” 
  • Session 2: Racialisation as “Caucasianization”
  • Session 3: Resisting racialisation: the politics of Black Beauty
  • Session 4: Western-eyes-ation: aint life a ‘MF’!
  • Session 5: Overcoming Western-eyes-ation – freeing Afrikan Consciousness

Course Information:


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