The Lineage Timeline: 8000 Years of African & World History


Welcome to the Lineage Timeline, Paul Obinna’s history project more than 20 years in the making! This project was created as a clear, simple and flexible way to unravel highly complex issues about history – especially the deep-rooted psychological issues which are always raised. In the time-honoured custom of a single scroll (backed up by an upcoming video series), Timeline gives a refreshingly clear overview of the vast influences of African cultures and how they relate to the current European world history model – a true aid for the world citizen! – De-constructs myths and false historical reports – Reveals huge gaps in traditional school learning – Reverses stunted mental conditioning – Promotes accelerated ‘whole brain’ learning – Promotes personal & professional development – Engages debate & self-discovery – Promotes respect for all cultures & their civil and human rights – De-constructs negative stereotypes – Confirms world-class scientific research – Uncovers historical gems & trivia – Can be used by all ages, races & backgrounds – Can be used in schools, homes, offices, community centres, halls..

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  • FILL IN THE GAPS OF YOUR EDUCATION: The Lineage Timeline condenses over 20 years of Paul Obinna’s research into a single scroll dedicated to your historical and cultural education. Open yourself to a more in-depth understanding of how African cultures echo across the globe, and participate in Timeline’s “whole-brain” approach to learning.
  • TAKE A JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY: A deeper understanding of identity, race, and culture aids your personal and professional development. Allow Timeline to guide your communications with others depending on colour, culture, class, character, and context. You will experience the transformative effects of heightened self-awareness and sensitive, thoughtful communications.
  • A RENEWED UNDERSTANDING OF HISTORY: Impressively wide-ranging and exceptionally detailed, the emergence of Timeline signifies a departure from traditional, ineffective methods of teaching history. The research and profound insights of Timeline delve beyond the educational canon of re-hashed dates, facts, and figures, instead accomplishing a dissection of common historical myths and a research-backed demonstration of the vast influence of African cultures.
  • BE A BETTER WORLD CITIZEN: Timeline was created to promote harmony amongst world citizens. Your education will encompass respect for all cultures and civil rights, and allow you to deconstruct the stereotypes of “black” and “white” peoples that have manifested themselves before, during, and after the age of Transatlantic Slavery. Experience a new state of mental clarity by removing these barriers from your perception of the world.
  • LEARNING FOR ANYONE, ANYWHERE: Using the time-honored tradition of a scroll, the Timeline offers 6 feet of illustrated history presented in chronological, historically cohesive order. Soon to be accompanied by a video series, the Timeline arrives ready to be displayed in homes, classrooms, offices, community centres, and beyond.

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